Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?J-Lo's Pubes Suprise Even Her! SnakeSkinHeart (3.91) 
?Look what I've got! kuroyume (3.71) 
?Where'd The Mother Fucking Cheese Go A... Facamus (3.89) 
?NEDM doesn't care about Rude Kitty, h... Xenu-lol (3.78) 
?MsPaint Connery thetoad (4.00) 
?Luffy what the hell are you doing to that panda? Koolkirby (3.82) 
?Cal Confesses (talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky B... juste119 (3.83) 
?The Solution to Stop Spammers ganonboy1 (3.78) 
?I hope they don't ruin the twist ending notBowen (3.99) 
?I'M HYSTERICAL!!! jwitt90 (3.93) 
?*Super Updated* Han Solo's Favorite Websi... jwitt90 (4.17) 
?YTMND's Dumbest Downvoters Cataclaw (3.85) 
?Jon Karrie can't escape forgetting polend renegade64 (3.92) 
?cyberman pornography Blasterdude (3.80) 
?Combine Rave Party! Katana (4.13) 
?Mr. Fantastic is sad Tnarg (3.85) 
?Al can't decide (refresh) Curttehmurt (3.79) 
?Drew Barrymore Belts Out A Face Melter Shark (3.97) 
?SOFA Galacanakis (4.02) 
?Roly Poly Fish Biscuit AskAak (3.93) 
?zoolander's car ride weed-905 (4.04) 
?Thats the game. Dyslexia (3.81) 
?Battlestar Galactica has one weakness roccer (3.75) 
?Max, seriously.....wtf? NeoMatrixClt (3.81) 
?Snap ya' Bagels NJShadow (3.71) 
?Rick_Astley.ppt (Update) brentnotbret (3.77) 
?Secure Your Free PS3! FriendlyNeighborhood (3.71) 
?(nsfw) Bittersweet Pooper boomaga (4.06) 
?Tenacious D - Shigo Gigo Cosmic Shame Punisher (3.72) 
?i got drunk and bought photoshop for 599usd bindlebootbrandy (3.71) 
?Downvoting Gets To People JuGz0r (3.79) 
?Subliminal message! Shaolinwind (3.97) 
?Newstmnd: ytmnd gains an ally! Goin-Solo (3.92) 
?Santa Bot's revelation! productno49 (3.71) 
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