Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?HEAD?!?! motioncitydisco (3.92) 
?medieval woman puts a sword on head Fieron (3.71) 
?PUT KEYBOARD ON HEAD! billytlnt0 (3.82) 
?hoggle? goblin king? opiumtrader (4.13) 
?Jesus is Indestructible Sticky (3.71) 
?Ebaums Sits on a throne of lies Aerofriction (3.74) 
?Call Scientology Toll Free Today! arremmdee (3.81) 
?Can't break Stimpy's stride zoso820 (3.80) 
?Stop Steve Jobs vipersniper (4.12) 
?Just Three Easy Steps! Crowtrobot (3.82) 
?TEST SITE y (3.75) 
?Simulator: Going Outside SpleenMage (3.75) 
?Pee Wee's Crack PSA optimuskyle (4.23) 
?XBox Forum User Revelation Smegforbrains (3.96) 
?NEDM War: R U Doing Ur Part? amcoats (3.77) 
?Urban Dictionary Hates You Too! J-ko (3.71) 
?What is Andy Warhol? t002tyrant (4.00) 
?This country is going down the tubes DarkImpact (3.78) 
?Pee Wee is Star Tours UncleTom (3.87) 
?(nsfw) Holy shit it's a douche! Chaide (4.00) 
?James Labrie Sings His Tragedy Fushimiyotojo (4.21) 
?Revenge . . . abraham (3.74) 
?Epic Squirrel Maneuver ibanezdude (3.88) 
?I want to have a pudding. mountainking (3.84) 
?UPDATE: Get your free cone alsocock (4.05) 
?Bat man is a asshole manwith10toes (3.93) 
?Homer Surfs The Internet (And Exceeds His Band... caligo (3.89) 
?Sean Connery says the answer CyrisMustang (4.00) 
?Vulcan instant relief trick Ginsain (3.83) 
?Star Control II: Melnorme johnxorz (3.96) 
?Limewire likes the kiddies Legend (3.80) 
?Nazis belt out a facemelter Feedrosie (4.16) 
?Dimension whiteman (3.77) 
?can a nigga get some koolaid jarrixi (3.90) 
?His name is ROBERT PAULSON v4vendetta (3.93) 
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