Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Worf Song Crashline (3.98) 
?Bubb Vader's NOOOOOO tip TransINSANO (3.82) 
?(nsfw) Star Wars Ep3 Summarised Luminar (3.95) 
?RUSH Bronco90 (3.82) 
?lol Tiko (4.56) 
?backwards banana Dragonflare (3.78) 
?(nsfw) Get Out Mah House barbara (4.00) 
?Ratts Tyrell GhostDad (3.72) 
?MAZINGER GO valcion (3.71) 
?Hitler upon hearing of the YTMND Forums closure... occe (3.76) 
?All Hail Hypno Captain Jeff-Fries (4.14) 
?New Orleans: LED ZEPPELIN KNEW AntiHaze (3.83) 
?A real Wildcard.... ( Evil Dead ) PUMPKINSEEDjoe (3.71) 
?Rude gets owned by Reno (refresh to sync) Kusanagi (4.00) 
?I want that purple stuff! tlrx (4.26) 
?SHUT UP, NAVI! Weirdboyscott (3.85) 
?god hates fags? oh snap! sweartosatan (3.90) 
?(nsfw) Birdman put them' niggas in a trash ca... DezanxAsauku (4.19) 
?You don't like Waluigi? Well, you can..... hacker-chan (3.96) 
?Spaceship Traffic Jam RTF (4.04) 
?The Many Moods of Dr. Gregory House eLGee (3.89) 
?helen kelers myspace suicide! hallowedredeemer (4.02) 
?Online gaming is serious business MajorKonig (3.92) 
?Tales of Phantasia is coming to America spanishgodzilla (4.02) 
?Hot potatoes hot potatoes souba (3.90) 
?Gandalf can't stop... crunchitizemecapn (4.02) 
?Emo kids are walking on sunshine red5 (3.83) 
?Bad Dancer Nooooooo finnishpirate (4.27) 
?WAKE UP SOE! (JULIO TORRES) -refresh- redmage387 (4.13) 
?ytmnd addiction IGotNoLifeCereal (3.98) 
?(nsfw) Bunny girls have sexy butts Part Two Monikku (3.78) 
?MEATWAD LIVES Slimey (3.88) 
?peppers, you bow to noone! sauriel (3.96) 
?(nsfw) gman is having a wonderful time with alex mckenziesucks (3.80) 
?MST3K opening, real old school zilarik (4.11) 
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