Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Sonic Gives Michael Jackson Advice Stevesbored (3.97) 
?OMG! The Real Dr.Zaius!!!!! Must See!!!!! ton-E (3.81) 
?Windows 95 Pwnt (Refresh) kajaman (3.75) 
?French Diff'rent Strokes MonkeeDude (3.74) 
?Secret nuclear bunker bowie7 (3.84) 
?ATHF - Do not Leave me here with that bitch ThunderMan (3.85) 
?Booey Stefani BennyHillsBalls (3.80) 
?Sick Puppet MaxA (3.76) 
?Royal Plumber (refresh) KKM (3.91) 
?What's the deal with gas prices? slugfester (3.88) 
?The Price is 1337! UPDATED WITH SOUND mlv (3.79) 
?YTMND (Saddam Hussein version) MacGyver0 (3.76) 
?OMFG Gunther! adztheangel (3.76) 
?Lord of the American Psycho (now with better sou... RecklessDisaster (3.83) 
?A real Katamari on the Rocks starring Sonic Evang1203 (3.97) 
?Lets Cry About Our Lack Of Computer Skills cja1005 (4.07) 
?X-Chicken, you shall meet with my wrath! westifer (3.97) 
?Otter's Testing Grounds ottervomit (4.08) 
?A Charlie Brown Congress MasterSitsu (3.72) 
?(nsfw) cat gets owned in the face emulol (4.00) 
?OMG LOLRUS Found! jrd6883 (3.84) 
?Literally a MONSTER Exor-2 (4.21) 
?Seperated at birth?? graywolf403 (3.86) 
?HAL 9000 Askani (4.05) 
?Herbie skeets on Lohan Bochi (4.00) 
?MedievalConan Part III: Wizards in Time (updated) fr4ncium (4.36) 
?Leik Burger? (Real Popcorn Song) Terracottapie (4.00) 
?笑大声,互联网 GeistCake (3.73) 
?Eeyore is sad ScarletZero (3.77) 
?(nsfw) coconuts! lovely, coconuts! godcanmoan (3.80) 
?Letter About Eric Bauman OnlyAlienEver (3.92) 
?Guess who's got date rape on the mind ;) Hippocrass (3.76) 
?Robocop The Musical! mrtuesday (3.90) 
?CHUCK NORRIS GOES OUT IN STYLE chewycheese (3.89) 
?Emo kids hate me for this embroisured (3.86) 
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