Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Moskau 20XX KKM (4.05) 
?Rayden St3althW4rrior (3.80) 
?(nsfw) Google becomes self aware. OptiPrime (3.79) 
?Dr. Evil is hungry. Epilhater (3.75) 
?Cromartie Freddy Owns ProjectBlackDotCom (4.20) 
?Kel Has Only >ONE< Weakness DarthCredible (3.72) 
?Colonel Sanders: Superhero Alariens (3.95) 
?Juggernaut: Ridin' Spinnaz tehfonz (3.72) 
?Mcbaby --- Happy Meal! cheerleadingisdeath (3.73) 
?L Ron Hubbard travels the stars rossyfox (3.95) 
?Ragnarok butt racing Hiijoro (3.83) 
?What is Rear View Love? j3pro (4.10) 
?Asianado Lardo (3.80) 
?Lee Harvey Oswald is ALIVE! rudymarshall (3.71) 
?R.I.P CAPTAIN JACK Brianisapickle (3.77) 
?Paris Hilton IS a whore Bo130 (3.73) 
?early helps rusty prepare for his big date(s)! squidbillies (3.82) 
?Mario DOES change facial expressions Icigh (4.02) 
?In Soviet Russia... Brado (3.99) 
?paintball knock out mattyt (3.82) 
?The TI-83+ Yoshi IggyKoopa (4.08) 
?Peppers and Coppertone Kid Zerofire0 (3.75) 
?Cue the cheesy inspirational music! IMMonkey (3.86) 
?A Pig is Ridin' Spinnaz WalmartSecurity (4.05) 
?Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong (Universal Gr... hellsent1 (3.74) 
?HITLER ROCKS OUT Agentkiller (3.88) 
?Inside George Bush's Brain ivan-n (3.73) 
?Tobias gets CRUNK BadgerOnLSD (3.76) 
?Parallel Universe Lounge -New Sound- Dragoh (3.82) 
?Bad Touch timebomb0220 (3.75) 
?Wonderful Thing About Zoos nuclearbastard (3.97) 
?Full Metal Alchemist Military SlirithXXX (3.92) 
?DRAGON BALL GOOD TIMES JaffaCake0 (4.00) 
?Ambassador G'Kar FTW! (Babylon 5)(refre... sewrratt (4.19) 
?D&D is Super Duper Red-Baron (4.00) 
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