Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Whole lot of Rosie dillweedhiway1 (4.14) 
?Doom Minimum System Requirements DarkShade (3.92) 
?Remember your Poland fundamentals VOTE 65 AegisReflector (3.86) 
?When alternate universes meet hotdogturtle (3.86) 
?Dane Cook Car Alarm ShadoWCraft (3.84) 
?Stevie Wonder attacks! guckalp (4.01) 
?lo rdr (o rly low rider) blueberrypirate (3.99) 
?Trent Reznor Rides Spinna Lethal-Fan (4.00) 
?SEA ORG WILL PROTECT US twisket (3.86) 
?GTA:LCS Bike loop-Toni Cipriani spins right round! giggity-giggity (4.06) 
?Bill Pullman: Wii Celebrate our Wii! (updated) fascistkokomo (3.79) 
?Song: Badei EwoudCP (3.87) 
?Father Hates Daughter sumoo (3.80) 
?Nazi Barbie Lord-Thundernoob (4.00) 
?(nsfw) Medieval Nigga Stole My Steed State-of-mind (3.90) 
?Bill Gates is Dead... DieHardXG2 (4.03) 
?Aliens Exist Stinghart (4.00) 
?(nsfw) The Pope is really.... ZeroKirik (3.99) 
?Kaz Hirai Myspace Suicide JRoach (3.81) 
?Epic Baseball Maneuver! Nonamae (4.15) 
?YTMND Army: ARISE against Scientology PrintNameHere (3.93) 
?It's Gone! CPHW (4.18) 
?Don't touch me! Xion (4.24) 
?Forza Italia!! :) gob-bones (3.86) 
?Head On! Than (3.73) 
?Innertube Grog (4.00) 
?PTKFGS: NEQM (original NEDM parody) syckls (3.91) 
?Optimus Prime Has No Class durkabrent (3.97) 
?Can't break two legged horse' stride hammy (3.77) 
?It's Worf Racer! Improviser (4.03) 
?Nigga has NO CLASS. (v1.1) Flopsy (3.77) 
?Another Day In The Clouds pacman (4.00) 
?Medieval BIG RIGS: OVER THE ROAD RACING LordoftheRigs (3.95) 
?Bake A Cake? cucucachoo (3.72) 
?Ztorm Tries To Open The Sun Lcadwallader (3.93) 
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