Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Here Come the Ghostbusters... and Ray Parker, J... Quiet-People-Rock (4.10) 
?Ring the bell mwalrus (3.94) 
?Tank Girl's OTHER weakness... KyleTheWeasel (4.10) 
?Hassan and Gyllenhaal:Part 18 HasperJasper (4.03) 
?Old school Kung Fu works it SiLeNT-T (3.71) 
?Streets of Rage Dirge (3.95) 
?Another day and you've... gogg (3.82) 
?piece of sh*t car REGomega (3.71) 
?Steph wants chocolate cake V2 the0captin (3.85) 
?THIRD NEW CAT IN THE SINK HadesFish (3.82) 
?Mega Church Robot Wants Your Soul EtanSivad (4.00) 
?(nsfw) You're the n*gg* now dog Foxen (3.76) 
?Endless Stairway to Heaven DinnerSonic (3.84) 
?OMG, Secret Wikipedia NEDM! dragfyre (3.78) 
?Peter helps Cleveland enjoy his Bitchin' siburke939 (3.75) 
?YTMNDers hate Wikipedia Vandals... HailUberGoldstein (3.80) 
?The Voice comicmasterajd (3.86) 
?Cal Confesses (talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky B... juste119 (3.83) 
?Ear Girl dctownes (3.75) 
?Gai Likes Mints JollyRancher120 (4.53) 
?Shatner Eats YTMND sixzerofour (3.94) 
?YESYES: OMG, Secret Islamic Snack! Apachechief (3.91) 
?Spoiler Alert: FF6 edition lolnightterrors (3.93) 
?Pinkfloydtmnd: Welcome to the Machine Feedrosie (4.09) 
?NEDM Virus erei33 (3.89) 
?Don't IM when you are high Saws (3.86) 
?rare ace of spades by motorhead ubermann (3.86) 
?MR ROSS NO! monkmaster (4.26) 
?Inaccessible Kiltron (3.77) 
?Naked N*gga at Night Stares Into Your Soul drmarioMD (4.14) 
?Toy Yoda db212004 (3.71) 
?Link in the Market goax2x (3.92) 
?Abandoned Military Research Facility Kayne (3.95) 
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