Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?YTMND's War Ends (v1.2!) Shanesan (4.05) 
?Mohammed Appears In A Tortilla silvercherry (3.87) 
?Attack of the 500 Foot Jesus OrderlyChaos (4.50) 
?Matrix music makes everything dramatic Halogen (4.16) 
?Then NEW gay fuel konigandy (4.20) 
?lol Paul Walker McFlyAway (3.83) 
?Tranny.org oximoron (4.33) 
?Carvel Minion (3.73) 
?Push it to teh Limits montycbh (3.97) 
?What sort of dumbassery is this?! MythKnight (3.70) 
?Nu Finish! Serpentor (4.07) 
?Where is my dog? Demetrium (4.00) 
?Day in the Life of a YTMNDer BoyNamedStu (4.05) 
?Conan has died! cooke (4.11) 
?Peace b7342 (3.91) 
?John the Psycho Scherer (refresh) UPDATE mike92085 (3.86) 
?Together at last Lardo (4.00) 
?i tried to clone my cat rtbh99 (3.87) 
?AEIOU...and sometimes Y! nurhachi (3.94) 
?Kirby's Adventure Moskau Deku-Scrub (4.00) 
?LOL Throughout History SirLemming (4.02) 
?Interpretation: German Pokemon MattW998 (3.82) 
?Lol, combine Goatmancer (3.82) 
?Stick it to Scientology (Updated with meme!) ToastChef (3.97) 
?Wesley Willis on: Scientology (nsfw) robkarnage (3.75) 
?The Girls of Scientology ElvisJulep (3.77) 
?Pedophilia has one weakness... deceplus (3.73) 
?Asian Road Rage Tykell (3.78) 
?Do you believe in Scientology? lordrameN (3.85) 
?Oreo (Metallica Version) timbono2005 (4.18) 
?Halo 3 Hurry Up Dammit (*I was one of the originals... prankster507 (3.91) 
?Hey Emo, STFU RaCailum (3.87) 
?super mario xp is... WHAT?! curratchi (3.85) 
?The Duke Of Poland (SPOILERS: ITS BUSH, ALS... Lethe (3.72) 
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