Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?RIP Edgar PMRG (3.96) 
?fat retard kid ends batman (fixed size) kyu-shi (3.90) 
?A Kinder, Gentler Hitler doomstalk (3.95) 
?Kingdom Hearts 2! JohnnyAndre (3.85) 
?Sign Fails Itself ddt502 (3.76) 
?To O RLY Airport Pikeface (3.77) 
?HAY PIKARD Vick (3.85) 
?50 Cent and Arnold have ONE thing in common... TheSmitty (4.04) 
?Fly Like a Butterfly vaqas (3.89) 
?Definition of Manliness KittenEater (3.95) 
?Don't Pee In the Elevator! EtherBoo (3.90) 
?The Saddest YTMND Ever MisterDerp (4.04) 
?Mace Windu wants to know what's going on. pumpin-up (4.11) 
?Picard Teaches Kindergarten (loop fixed) EphOph (4.01) 
?It's the bitchez that'll git'chez. fyrestorm (3.86) 
?Ree Baba Ree Baba Hoborg (3.77) 
?Epic Italian Soccer Maneuver Eggysrun (4.00) 
?Damn DiC and their subliminal advertising! scali (3.78) 
?The Warriors Compilation perverted (4.00) 
?The Neverending Argument Hemisphere (3.71) 
?Very Suspicious (pic update) milesprowl (3.95) 
?(nsfw) Venom hates tailgaters darthbelch (3.92) 
?You make kitty.......... so-much-noise (3.75) 
?(nsfw) livejasmine taps into lucrative YTMND market bonerson (4.13) 
?lol, secret taco nazi internet Blink (4.11) 
?Japan Hates America Xarrin (3.90) 
?Picard does not accept failure lolteh (3.75) 
?Mammal Sauce eyearetehnic (3.71) 
?F I S H !!! money-hat (3.88) 
?he was the real man now dog psycho-squirrel (3.75) 
?(nsfw) bear and reabbit sex epic maneuver buk9tp (3.82) 
?Google trends free gay porn... Danapal (3.74) 
?Darth Vader is a party girl spicez (3.97) 
?A Lovely PM from Helen Keller ToastChef (3.94) 
?Jessica Simpson Failed Us gouki (3.77) 
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