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?I think it's gonna be a long time tonytonka (2.65) 
?Watch out for the Shaq attack! airbud (3.40) 
?I've Got Tom Nickelodeon (2.77) 
?JFK's Advice Nickelodeon (2.33) 
?Dumbs N' Roses Nickelodeon (2.70) 
?Almost stotnisse (3.25) 
?Over 10 years on YTMND, baby! tonytonka (2.63) 
?truth SirBrucible (3.50) 
?. RecumberentBliss (1.50) 
?A Site to Appeal to ldrancer Nickelodeon (2.50) 
?I play alice in wonderland on guitar letsago (2.75) 
?I'm so HIGH! parrothead1983 (4.25) 
?You're Getting Sworn In To Testify At Your ... tenantennae (2.80) 
?when world collide imthepugstermorelike (5.00) 
?KHANTMND: KHAN!!! inxs (2.73) 
?MAx - ban all pokemon no pokemon) ldrancer (1.00) 
?Classic YTMND Example Krabsitemaker (3.31) 
?Mrs. Puff's Boating School Nickelodeon (5.00) 
?Mort Goldman's dating tips Nickelodeon (5.00) 
?(nsfw) Lass Dana is a whore Nickelodeon (0.00) 
?Sailor Huey is a Kinks fan Nickelodeon (2.67) 
?RIIAMBWDYJEM dmaz (2.86) 
?(nsfw) Duckman loves breasts Nickelodeon (2.71) 
?Mort Goldman comments on pork Nickelodeon (1.67) 
?will ferrell gets a wallet for christmas letsago (2.75) 
?rip xxxtentacion mandrills (2.75) 
?Bird Maiden card is hot airbud (2.86) 
?name jeff Rainbowdash (1.50) 
?jazz guitar peach letsago (3.00) 
?Linus Dance Tips DrBreen (2.25) 
?Apple Bloom loves Third Eye Blind airbud (2.63) 
?ur mom xd nambona890 (1.20) 
?Would You Get Going, You Pirate? airbud (2.33) 
?Your boss jokingly asks DO I LOOK LIKE A FAGG... tenantennae (3.00) 
?Max Reflects on YTMND airbud (3.27) 
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