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?Run cdm150430 (3.00) 
?well if you say so fz2244 (4.00) 
?ADON - Kongfu Fighting henryvo (4.00) 
?Space Oddity piedmo (5.00) 
?Ultimate Major Kaz Hirai DarthWang (4.83) 
?6 feet of bubble gum for you, not them UltraGuy (4.33) 
?The Perfect Shade meb140230 (4.50) 
?R I S E B E F O R E H I M haileemilli (4.50) 
?Hope Joel is Safe Ozote (4.67) 
?Colors in Jeffcoatvision™ DonnieJeffcoat (4.50) 
?this nerd makes me look like Charles Bronson AngryNerd (4.00) 
?Turning Tables amgeist10 (4.75) 
?cress pecklesteiner (4.67) 
?Tfw you step on a lego amgeist10 (4.75) 
?A Wild Goose Appears Ozote (4.43) 
?I play glad there is you on guitar letsago (4.75) 
?When i'm dead Ozote (4.50) 
?What is magic? sg21 (4.50) 
?Rafflesia Arnoldii Eau de Parfum amgeist10 (4.00) 
?Kylo Likes Metallica thesmotschpit (4.67) 
?Apollo Gauntlet is awesome pencilX (3.00) 
?nightshiftpsychiatrist gatller (4.67) 
?Coney Island Baby tenantennae (4.50) 
?(nsfw) partyy mouse celebrates saint patricks day ... letsago (4.75) 
?Happy St. Patricks Day Ludder (4.50) 
?Danger Zone meb140230 (5.00) 
?(nsfw) Ahdaughn™ officialunofficial (4.75) 
?Stephen Hawking stares down from heaven into yo... BigWalrus (4.50) 
?It's the same thing! ruefio (3.00) 
?Natalie Portman bed blooper stoprudrad (4.00) 
?Steve Urkel could beat the shit out of this guy AngryNerd (4.00) 
?that zelda guy vitudet (2.67) 
?Aurora Borealis JohnnyLurg (4.42) 
?Hawking mysterious-user (4.50) 
?alwayswatching ruefio (2.50) 
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