Chief of Staff & Lead Developer
"Max Goldberg registers a tone of dispassionate wonder at the phenomenon he has let loose on the Web and makes little attempt to explain its popularity."

I like to write code.
Ryan Cimera BTape
Lead Moderator & Caring individual
When BTape says something, he's ready to die for that shit.
Clayton Bagginsclay
Forum Administrator & Glutton
Trolling is a art and Clay has mastered it.


Dave Chau youshaved
Creative Director & YTMND aficionado
Responsible for the current site design, attendee of Lulzcon.
Designer & Artiste
Created the 2010 design launched with YTMND 2.0.
Hi Hater & Bye Hater
Designed the "YTMND is down" page.


Jeff Doss notdsk
Webmaster Extraordinaire
Provided design & HTML/CSS consultation.
Ken Post Jr syncan
Flash developer & Sound Engineer
Wrote the original YTMND preloader and private messaging features.
Steve Nixon Snaxe
HTMLer & Browser compatibility master
Wrote a lot of HTML for the the first two YTMND desings.
Creator of things
Created the iconic YTMND logo and the first two site designs.
Lina lina
Legal Counsel & Moral Support
Knows where you sleep.
John Hagen Teknorat
Head of Quality Assurance & Racist
Now you know why nothing works around here.