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June 13th, 2018
On on the site ?Think YTMND Is Dead?
did suzanne leave yet?
June 7th, 2018
you stole this off me after i copyrighted the C note and C#
May 29th, 2018
suzanne has made it its goal to take down all racism. alt go
May 3rd, 2018
good job fantastic job great
May 3rd, 2018
holy fuck i came to ytmnd and laughed
April 23rd, 2018
On on the site ?
where does that audio come from for teh one thing part santa bot
April 7th, 2018
On on the site ?:(
i believe thats what made everybody stop coming here.
April 5th, 2018
yo 5 stars up in this bitch
April 4th, 2018
On on the site ?:(
new accounts after the 31st are up. max doesnt make no money now
April 3rd, 2018
i remember when he i guess used to spam it on a ware-ez site i used to go to, thats how i found out about it. i remmber when they first opened it to users, he spammed that im pretty sure too. i never made an account, my first reactions was, gay. my second reaction was, oh i got this good idea. then i was like, i cant do that. finally i was like, oh im gonna make a site.
March 26th, 2018
On on the site ?
missing barack obama
March 22nd, 2018
your a faggot who is asking guys for head
March 21st, 2018
about stephanie
March 15th, 2018
On on the site ?Stephanie is 22 today
duh me darthwang- pedo durrr
February 27th, 2018
On on the site ?HarveyMilk RETURNS
t hats sick
February 13th, 2018
i seen your ytmnd in the middle of the night you deleted by the next morning someting about niggers and something with sound
February 8th, 2018
wow amazing faggot shit 5 stars
January 22nd, 2018
On on the site ?Maxturbate
December 31st, 2017
huh uhuhuh make stupid comments for fucks sake
December 31st, 2017
On on the site ?
its a single person and 500 accounts
December 29th, 2017
Reply to madDogSoldier's comment on the site ?
gays won't let me read this
December 27th, 2017
On on the site ?Wii's Company
its should of been pstriple company
December 24th, 2017
On on the site ?Alfa Beach
you know, tesla realized ac running the current back and to the beginning, when he stared at a sunset one time. realizing it would come back the next morning as the sunrise. so he took dc, rerouted it back to itself and you got high output, long range ac.
and many, every good invention, has 4 sides.
December 16th, 2017
On on the site ?
did i just run into gifsforyou.com?
December 14th, 2017
our shitty net neutrality that noone cares about
December 11th, 2017
On on the site ?Max in No Update
too much thinking
December 8th, 2017
On on the site ?
pffftt hahahahahaha AAAHAHAH
December 8th, 2017
50+ accounts? huhhuhuhhhuhhh uhh hhuuuh
December 5th, 2017
On on the site ?FART RAPE
joke this site louded farter than all the internet and is rape