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June 18th, 2006
November 28th, 2007
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November 1st, 2007
http://companionbox.ytmnd.com/ has that part, I see.
November 1st, 2007
You missed the "shall not be mourned... shall.. not be mourned. It says so right here. Very official. Very real" or something like that. But no matter. GlaDOS! <3
October 3rd, 2007
WHAT THE F.. that's not true. When he played Contra and Bionic Commando, he was playing with the POWER GLOVE, which is as bad as he says it is (but he DID successfully manage to land the plane in Top Gun, he isn't BAD). Turtles, you apperently appear to have never played, was so sad. It was fun for arround half the first level, then it got mediocre, and lost all appeal at the 2nd level. It wasn't fun. As for silver surfer? I thought he clearly explained that this is hard for anyone. Try actually playing it.
June 11th, 2007
The last couple of Harry Potter books have sucked worse than hell. They were made to be made into movies. They suck so badly. I was, no kidding, expecting something like 'Snape kills Voldemort' to happen, because that's such a lowly uninteresting predictable thing that is going to happen... in a low-grade hollywood movie.
June 6th, 2007
On on the site ?I miss Dexters Lab
But Dexters Lab is on Cartoon Network.... How could you miss it? o.O