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July 3rd, 2017
Upon further review, it seems if Journey had balls, they'd be Van Halen.
May 28th, 2017
On on the site ?Live and MCFLY
May 22nd, 2017
On on the site ?Do A Burner Roll!
See ya barrel rollin. They hatin.
May 13th, 2017
Holy Shi----Perreniallol 5'r: jimmm!!!!
May 11th, 2017
Hey, you're right! How's that treatin ya?
May 1st, 2017
May 1st, 2017
It's funny cuz its true
May 1st, 2017
On on the site ?Enjoy Yourself
*it's later than you think
April 23rd, 2017
Imma let you finnish...but The Unnamable is the greatest site of all time.
April 22nd, 2017
He's right you know...
April 22nd, 2017
On on the site ?ABAP not Guaranteed
April 21st, 2017
Next up: new contest
April 19th, 2017
On on the site ?Primus
*Over the falls
April 17th, 2017
Just like crosstown hard to get through...
April 8th, 2017
On on the site ?
"Guess it's over, call it a day." - Johnny Mathis re: ytmnd circa 2012
"I won't stop loving you. Because I like the things you do. Whatever you do, don't stop." - Patrick and Eugene, same.
April 8th, 2017
On on the site ?lol ytmnd help
"No harm in loving the dead." - John Luke Pacard
April 7th, 2017
On on the site ?Kirk > Spock
JJ Slappemz
April 7th, 2017
Meh, either way. Sometimes I like a lot of baggage. Sometimes I travel light. I made sites on a whim, and will maybe delete em all for the same "reason."
April 7th, 2017
On on the site ?
"Oh, I know he's sitting in there, in the control room now, listening to everything I say, ..... It has only brought me fame and glory, and a lot of work. Which I don't really care about. Hallooooo, Frank Zappaaaaaaa."
April 3rd, 2017
Love dat szechuan sauce
March 29th, 2017
On on the site ?Flavor Country
Well, dang. Put this account in the delete queue till I saw your comment. Thanks!
March 27th, 2017
Reply to fearcondom's comment on the site ?
March 27th, 2017
On on the site ?
Cardassians blame the victims
March 14th, 2017
*I would only believe in a lobster that rocks.
March 14th, 2017
"I'm always givin you the really and no other than. Alameda Drive-In, didn't wanna pay a buck. Five mfers layin flat, in the mini-truck."
March 14th, 2017
Time is a flat circle. Just needs implants ;)
March 13th, 2017
Anytime you thinkin evil