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In 2007, The Wii, a pussy-ass system, devours some Sony fans. Elsewhere, the evil Nintendo control the Chadformers homeworld, H-Town. The heroic BALLINbots are using two of H-Town's moons as staging areas, preparing to strike against Nintendo. In need of dro, a BALLINbot Caddy is readied for launch to BALLIN City on Earth. Nintendo ambushes the Caddy, killing some true niggaz, intending to use the Caddy to infiltrate BALLIN City. On Earth, A lil fat bitch and Anthony Perez fish in a lake near BALLIN City, discussing the system that's the best. They pick up the Caddy's signature, and race up to see it land. They spot Nintendo and launch a preemptive strike. After a brief battle, Nintendo attacks BALLIN City. The BALLINbots transform BALLIN City into a fortress. As a siege ensues, 50 Cent orders some nigga to radio for assistance from the leader of the BALLINbots, Chad Warden. During the battle some niggaz are killed and many more casualties are taken by both sides. The next morning, Chad and the Fanboys arrive. The Fanboys are unable to defeat M6, leaving Chad to take on most of the gay niggaz by himself. Chad then confronts the Nintendo leader, Nick Bass, and the two engage in a fight. Though Nick Bass is defeated, Chad is mortally wounded. Reggie takes command of Nintendo and retreats with their fallen leader and other wounded aboard their Caddy. Tupac informs the other BALLINbots that Chad is in critical condition. Before his death, Chad calls on 50 Cent to assume command of the BALLINbots and tries to give him the PSTriple, asserting that dat Triple is the bomb, nigga. The Triple falls out of Chad's hand, but is caught by Anthony Perez, who passes it to 50 Cent. Chad's monitor then flatlines and he turns gray and dies, much to the others' grief. The Caddy's shortage of fuel prompts Nintendo to eject some fanboys and Nick Bass. The remaining fanboys argue over who should lead them. The Nintendo castoffs encounter the Wii, who offers to give Nick Bass and the others new honeys on the condition that they destroy the PSTriple, which the Wii says is the only thing that can defeat it. Nick Bass reluctantly agrees and the Wii converts him into a new form: the Nintendo warrior "Nick Daddy". His underlings are reformatted into fatass gay niggaz. The Wii provides them with a Caddy in which they travel to H-Town, where Nick Daddy obliterates Reggie and re-takes command of Nintendo. On Earth, the BALLINbots are alerted as the Wii consumes H-Town's moons, along with some true niggaz. Nick Daddy leads Nintendo in another assault on BALLIN City. The BALLINbots board a pair of Caddies and flee toward H-Town. Anthony and the Fanboys are shot down over the Mexican border, while 50 Cent and company evade their pursuers and set down in Tampa Florida for repairs. Captured by illegal Mexican niggaz, Anthony and the Dreamcast witness the sentencing and execution of some fat bitch. While imprisoned they meet a gay nigga who tells them about the Wii before he is eaten by the Mexican niggaz. Anthony and the Dreamcast are subjected to a mock trial by Mario, who sentences them to death. Battling the Mexican niggaz, they are rescued by the arrival of the Fanboys. With help from the Fanboys' new ally elChivofr, the group locates a Caddy and departs to join the other BALLINbots.
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